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Freestyle girls talk at Jeri250

2nd Trilogy didactic trip 2017/2018″
Full video – Gigi Le Carro Clinic at Jeri250

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Good morning girls,

first of all, I would like to say that I’m really happy to have you all together in Jericoacoara this year, and I would like to thank you to be here at Jeri250 right now.


It’s always really motivating to see professional girls training in Jeri and I’m really happy to have the opportunity to share some time with you in the water… and most of all feeling the passion and the energy you have during the training sessions.


Let’s start with few questions:

Ciao Oda, this 2017 Loop Clinic is gone and Over, which are your best memories about that?

I think the crashes! For me the most fun is when some people are here to go for front loop and from day one they all went for it and you see they are so stoked after trying, and even if they crash they still see their progress… then they can watch later on video and then they can tell “Wow actually that’s not bad!” I think that their dream come true, they try and some one can handle it! I think that the best moment is when when the guy who landed it come to the beach, trying to give you a big hug because he’s so happy, but this can be somehow difficult cause he’s still wearing a harness with it’s hook! And I think that this is the best moment: when they land a forward!

Looks like this “full Looping format” was a great success… will you do again exactly the same next year too, or maybe you think that you will change/add something?

Yes, next year will be the loop clinic and Bump ‘n’ Jump, because some people are not interested just in spinning a loop, but they’d like to jump properly, so I think that for next year the clinic will be focused in gybe, jumping and looping. Will be like 2 weeks with accommodation and rental gear and four days of clinic like: 2 days of clinic, then a break and then 2 days again. Probably will be October 2018…

In your opinion, why is so important to attend clinics like yours?

I think that if you want to improve more, that’s the way you have to go, because if you’re alone you cannot watch by yourself and notice your mistakes. If you go to a clinic you push yourself to improve, and as well you have a coach that is watching you and can tell you what you have to do to become a better sailor, and you’ll do faster.

Ciao Sara-Quita and Maaike, nice to see you in Jeri, have you ever been there before?

Maaike – This is the first time for me

Sara-Quita – This is the fourth time for me in Jeri

Why did you choose Jeri for your Holiday/training and how long do you plan to stay here?

Sara-Quita – Personally I come in Jeri for 2 weeks, because I know it’s windy everyday and can be very challenging, because you can practice in the flat water in the lagoon or when it’s low tide, but there are also waves, so it’s like a playground, there is always the conditions you’re looking for. And beside that, I really enjoy the village and the people and their lifestyle…

Maaike – I’ll stay here 2 months, just because it’s windy everyday, and it’s so fun! There’s so many people here on the water and that’s really motivating to improve faster.

Which are your first impressions about our Jeri250 Watersports Center?

Oda – For me: good stuff, good location and good atmosphere. It’s right on the beach and you have the best sunset view from here! For me that’s amazing!

Sara-Quita – I also think that the sunset it’s really nice, since I come here everyday to watch it, but the real reason is the gear that I can keep here right in front the beach and all the guys are always very helpful, so it’s very fun to be there!

Maaike – Also for me the guys are very nice to us, so it’s really cool to come here…

Will you attend the “Windjeri Freestyle and wave contest” we’re going to have in Jeri Mid November?

Sara-Quita – Unluckily I won’t be here for the contest, but I competed one time and it was a lot of fun! So good luck and have fun!

Maaike – I will compete for sure and in both disciplines…

Oda – I’m just ready!

Do you think you will come back again in future to train on 3 disciplines?

Oda – For next year I will come back, but I’ll bring only freestyle and wave, and I’ll train Slalom in Europe, but just because with slalom you have so much gear to move that makes everything complicated.

Sara-Quita – For me is the same. I use to travel with a lot of equipment and here for me is just more fun to do freestyle and wave…

Maaike – Personally I come here only with my freestyle gear, cause I like freestyle so much that I guess I’ll keep training just freestyle wave…

Maaike, it’s the first time for you here. Which spot do you prefer? Mallada beach or next to the flag?  

I really like next to the flag, because it’s the only spot that it’s really starboard tack so for me it’s very good to train here…

Being the number of windsurfing girls really small compared to guys, what would be your message to encourage windsurfing girls from all around the world to come to this beautiful and windy place know as Jericoacoara?

Oda – I think that they should come here. Just book it and go. If they come one time then they will always come back every year. In Europe we have many good skilled girls windsurfing, but they don’t travel so much. This spot is perfect for girls: conditions are super easy in the morning and it’s windy everyday, so after only a week you will feel a big improvement…

Maaike – Here we are 3 girls and there are already a lot of girls on the water and this is really motivating, so I think that to improve you have to be motivated so you have to bring other girls here!


Thanks girls, let’s go to the water!



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